Monday, 14 March 2016

Auchroisk Singleton 1975

Aroisk? Auchusk? Arusk?
Another mini from auction and another bit of digging around to get more information. This bottle was a new one on me but it didn’t take much sleuthing before I stumbled across this…

The Singleton of Auchroisk 1975 - circa 1990
Bigger than a miniature
So – it’s pronounced “OH-thrusk” (well, of course). Distilled in 1975 and bottled around 1990 and apparently a “very rare collectors dram”. It seems I’ve inadvertently been very discerning with my choice of random minis. And I’ve accidently popped open a mini-goldmine . Ah well, that’s what it’s there for.

Giving this a try I got lots of sherry right away. No sign of the “old smell” or mustiness  I’ve had previously with old bottles. There’s not loads else on the nose but very mild and clean. No burn, easy-going.
Tasting it there is a nice coating. Very oily and slightly carbony, almost gritty. Going in again it is literally like eating chocolate raisins. It has the dried fruit richness and intensity you can get with sherry casks.
Looks fantastic too - a thoroughly appealing deep reddy colour.
A drop of water brought out the more floral notes on the nose as well as a bit of menthol. A bit of treacle toffee towards the end. 

It’s mellow and relaxing. An unobtrusive wee dram. I think it could have benefited from being bottled a higher strength but I guess that ship sailed 25 years ago.
It seems full bottles of this go for about £200 and minis for £20 which is pretty steep. Glad I didn’t know that before opening it.

I’m enjoying trying out old bottles of whisky, they are exciting to explore but couldn’t recommend this at that price. But it is very nice and worth trying if you get the chance (in a bundle of minis at auction for example).


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